* Prepaid in full- 300 will receive 30 min FREE 

* VIP (3+ sessions within 30 days)

          1st and 2nd session- regular rate

          3rd session- 250 (60 min) or 250 prepaid (90 min)

           4th session- 200 (60 min) no prepaid available

* Other discounted sessions earned with Miss Allura's discretion. 

         Ex: Thoughtful gifts/tips provided during sessions. 

                Outstanding behavior/growth during sessions.

                 Wishlist surprises sent via Amazon Wishlist 

* Miss Allura's favorite gifts. (Shoes 6.5, Red Wine, Perfume, Handbags, Clothes, Scented Candles, wishlist for other ideas) 

Spoil me...and I'll spoil you back!