Frequently Asked Questions

Don't worry, it's normal to ask...

What is the booking process?

Mutual trust is a must. 

Every submissive is expected to relinquish control to the Mistress, every step of the way, no matter what. Experience, or lack there of, is considered. Every session will be led with expert skill and proper direction. It is imperative that the sub's limits be pushed and that you obey your Mistress. That's all you need to know.

What are your list of kinks?

Live session kinks include a long list of fetishes so let's not bore ourselves with the questions here. I am an expert in everything I do and I take pride in the knowledge that I have learned and shared throughout the years. 


What I DO NOT cater to are FULL toilet, anything with blood, cutting or illegal.


Suggestive role play is available via Skype/Text so inquire directly regarding premium rates. My production expertise is also a great way to bring fantasies to life so email me your very own custom script and I can produce a video that you create. Minimum length of 10 min. DVD series are special order. All video rates must be discussed and prepaid before filming.  

Do you have sex with your clients?

No I do not. A professional dominatrix is not an escort. I wear sexy outfits, but I am not nude. Submission is way better than your typical "let's have sex" mindset. You'd be pleasantly surprised when you experience the enjoyable effects of the environment provided with BDSM. No sex, no blowjobs, no oral, no exceptions.


If you desire a more intimate experience, then please look elsewhere.

What is the booking process?

As much as I love kinky talk, if you are not inquiring at a point where you are ready to book, then wait until you are.

Clear communication on scheduling is expected immediately. Once agreed upon, and a deposit is made, directions and details will be provided. 


Be respectful of my time and needs just as I am respectful of yours. 

Can I meet you first?

This question is common with first timers. If you are requesting a session, then there is no need to meet prior. Let's book the session and enjoy our play time as soon as possible. 


Let's be honest, the experience in person is second to none. Non-local clients would never deny themselves of the opportunity if they lived here. Enough said.

Can I be your personal slave?

I really appreciate the eagerness to please me, whether it includes a donation or if it's sacrificing your time so thank you for offering to serve me at my beck and call. 

The only way that non-donated sessions are considered is after establishing an in person relationship with the required hourly donation.

"My submissives don't worry themselves with questions. They aim to please me, everyday, no matter what."

~Mistress Allura 


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